O2 (氧气) Exhibition in Shanghai

[Archived 3/6/2016]

Lingerie startup O2 (氧气) kicked off its month-long art exhibition with pole-dancing, vegan desserts, and live music. The whole thing was very 'post-90's', or playfully narcissistic and unabashedly girly (though post-90's can mean other things, depending on the context - it's as broad a term as 'millenial'). The artwork made use of 500-some bras donated to O2 after a marketing campaign they ran in 2015. 

This was my first time using a fixed length camera (hence the lack of photos). Still have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to elbowing people out of my way for a good photograph (chutzpah or rudeness - where do you draw the line?).