The Sound Of 黄梅 Season

Shanghai's 黄梅 season is almost here. It's a two-week season defined by continuous bouts of cool, torrential rain that eventually give way to the heavy heat of the summer. My scooter nearly died the last time 黄梅 season came about (my fault for making it wade through calf-deep puddles). 

Anyway, this is just a recording of a normal rainstorm, a precursor to the real deal, which should start in a week or so. I bought my first audio recorder a month ago, a feather-light Sony ICD-UX560F, and have been recording at every chance I get. It's amazing how listening back to interviews - or any kind of sound - can ground you in that moment. Maybe the magic will fade, but for now, I am thrilled. More audio clips to be posted in future Flotsam posts!