Analyse Asia Podcast: Bike sharing in China

It wasn't too long ago that Chinese cities were filled with bikes - not cars. Now, two-wheeled push-bikes are making a comeback via bike-sharing. 

It works like this: you open an app, find a nearby bike, scan a QR code, pay through your phone. Once you're done riding, you park and lock the bike. It targets the "last mile of transportation," that awkward distance between the metro and your final destination. And unlike bike-sharing models of the past, such as Velib in France, there's no need to return the bike to a specific spot. As Professor Chen Lin from CEIBS says, bike-sharing is fit for the "own nothing, reject nothing, and be responsible for nothing" generation. 

In this episode of Analyse Asia, Bernard and I discuss China's latest cash-burning phenomenon (companies are renting bikes for less than a dollar - even free) and the industry's multi-million dollar archrivals, Mobike and Ofo.